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I'm trying to add to my list but when I do so it just says "waiting…connecting…waiting…connecting…".

I read the FAQs, of course, where it says "You can add the new stream to streamWriter by using the addressbar at the top or by dragging and dropping it from your webbrowser into the stream-list. If the setting's option is active (it is by default) streamWriter submits the new stream to the server, after that the new stream will be checked by the server. The stream will be available one or two days after submission. You can refresh your stream-list by right-clicking the list and selecting "Refresh". Refreshing will be done every seven days automatically".

I tried these options with no success.

All my other links are working fine.

Is it possible that simply isn't recordable ?
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Look in the log; see if you're getting certificate errors on the https: stream.

I think there's a knob in setup that turns off that requirement.