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schrieb am 20.06.19 um 02:26 Uhr
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Hi all.
I really like StreamWriter - big fan.
I've noticed a behavior I can't explain. I'm getting recordings for one of my streams and seemingly random times. I have only one schedule set up for this stream (Sundays 10:00 AM) and it does record then, but it also records other times.
In fact, it *seems* to be recording now (8:15 pm Wednesday), although the "State" of all my streams says "Stopped". The status bar at the bottom says "Connected" and there's a speed indicator with changing values (right around 50 Kb/s).
I have been through all the streams (I have only five) and verified there are no unexpected scheduled recordings.
Yet I am definitely getting recorded audio at unexpected times.
Can anyone help?
(I'm not sure how to search the boards for this issue, so I apologize if it has been addressed.)
Thanks very much.