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A radio network in Quebec (Canada) updated its online feeds to his various stations. When I manually updated the URL of the feed, it appears streamWriter is unable to read this new stream (status is alterning between "Wait" and "Connection"). Meanwhile, VLC is able to connect to the same feed and play it.

The main station of the network (98,5 FM (CHMP)): https://www.985fm.ca/
Streamwriter feed of this station : http://streamwriter.org/en/streamdb/getplaylist/list.m3u?id=987966

The new feed of this station : https://cogecomedia.leanstream.co/cogecomedia/CHMPFM.stream/playlist.m3u8

The relevant log is : "Error: HTTP is present, but without a direct playlist or redirection."
(I translated from French to English the log).
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schrieb am 08.04.19 um 09:20 Uhr
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Try this alternate link:
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Thanks for the link, but while it works perfectly with VLC, it doesn't really work with streamWriter : unable to play the live audio in streamWriter, the recordings are broken in multiple pieces. It keeps alternating between "Waiting" and "Connected".

But, basically, is streamWriter suppose to work with .m3u8 or only with .m3u ?
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Select the stream while it is alternating between "Waiting" and "Connected" and click on the "Log" tab at the right. The server uses HTTPS but streamWriter thinks the certificate is invalid because it cannot be validated but it seems valid (Firefox opens the URL). I think this is a bug regarding HTTPS connections in streamWriter. I will take a look at it.

Edit: AFAIR streamWriter should be able to handle m3u8.
LG/Best regards, Alex

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Yeah, I got the TLS handshake error too. Any way to circumvent that?

I try using the same URL using "HTTP" instead of "HTTPS", doesn't work (the same "HTTP answer is present, but no direct playlist or redirection" error).