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Hi i want to record this radio station (http://rvect.go.ro:38633/rvect) but Streamwriter can't recognize the metadata despite that the radio station has it. I tried with other programs but nothing. The other radio stations who i recorder doesn't have that problem. I have problem only with this station. Can you fix it?

The Log:
9:30:44 πμ - - Connecting to…
9:30:45 πμ - - Connected
9:30:45 πμ - - Meta-interval could not be found
9:30:56 πμ - Radio Vocea Evangheliei - Connection closed
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This stream seems to broadcast title information in a way I have never seen before. Since implementing this (after firstly understanding it) is a new function to me, I won't do it, sorry.
LG/Best regards, Alex

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